Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Big Reveal: Baby #2...

In case you haven't heard….


We are so thrilled and excited to be expecting a girl this Christmas!  I think I am still in shock a little!  I really have pictured a girl the whole time but was preparing myself for a boy so I wouldn't be disappointed.  We would have been overjoyed either way, but it is so exciting to add a little girl to our family!

We had a very fun gender reveal that day.  We had our Doctor appt that morning and Cooper came along with us.  He did great reading his books and waiting patiently in the waiting room. 

He wore his big brother shirt for the special occasion :)  I still get pretty nervous before a Doctor's appt and was praying that there would be a strong heartbeat.  Thankfully there was!  Our sweet baby was moving around and it was amazing to see her on the ultrasound…her feet, hands, face, just so precious. We didn't want to know then what the gender was so my sweet friend made me a card to give to the ultrasound tech…

When she opens the card, there is an option to circle BOY or GIRL.  At first our baby had her legs crossed so she was trying to get her to move as we were looking away.  Then before we knew it she said "okay I know the gender".  She was fast!  This led us to believe that maybe it was a boy?!  After the ultrasound, we took the envelop to Gigi's cupcakes who were waiting for us.  They went into the back, opened the card and then piped pink icing into the already made cupcakes.  We had to wait about 5 minutes, and then the cupcakes and envelop were in our hands! EEK!  I did notice that one of the girls was trying so hard not to look at me and kind of smirked and smiled while looking down.  Since she saw Cooper and knew we already had a boy, it made me suspicious that maybe it was a girl.  LOL as you can tell, we were trying to figure it out!  It was so exciting to build the suspense and I was dying to know!  

Then later that afternoon, we drove to my parents house for a small family gender reveal.  Everyone was so excited to know!   My mom, brother and Justin all thought it was a girl, and my dad, nephew and myself were guessing boy.  Almost all my other friends were guessing girl though.  I was actually surprised by how many guessed girl.  But almost everyone guessed girl for Cooper too, so again, it doesn't mean much.  

We were going to wait until after dinner to find out, but we all decided to go ahead and do it.  So here we are right before we bite into the cupcake:

And here we are biting into the cupcake at the same time…

And there was PINK!  My brother got it all on video and it was so fun to watch our reaction.  We were so excited.  Justin yelled "oh my gosh!" and I just screamed.  And Cooper…well, he has absolutely no idea what is going on.  He really doesn't know what's coming in December.  

My poor nephew wanted a boy so badly that he put his hands over his face immediately and cried!  We got that all on video and was so funny to watch it.  We could really put it on America's Funniest Home Video.  He didn't think it was that funny though….one day he will.  Then about an hour later, Peyton told Justin and I, without any prompting by anyone, "I'm sorry I wasn't happy it was a girl, I really do like girls.  I play with girls at school."  hahaha so glad he came around :-)

It really was so fun finding out with other people and getting pictures and it on video.  I loved the surprise and this is the first granddaughter on my side of the family.  The next day, I couldn't wait to search for girl nursery ideas and bedding!  I'm also dying to go and buy my first girly outfit.  Having a girl is going to be so different and so much fun!  We are thankful for this wonderful surprise and blessing!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Baby #2 Boy or Girl? What's Your Guess?

It's that time again….we find out the gender tomorrow!  If you are friends with me on social media than you know how crazy excited I am to find out!  Once again I feel like a little kid the day before Christmas, so excited for the big surprise.  I really love finding out early, its gives you and extra fun day besides the actual day of birth.

To back up a little, I had a rougher 1st trimester than I did with Cooper.  I had the regular symptom of  being completely exhausted which was what I had with Cooper.  I had to take a power nap every single day during my 1st trimester or I felt like I just couldn't make it through the rest of the day.  I was also a lot more nauseous with this baby than I was with Cooper.  It still wasn't near as bad as most people, as I never actually got sick, but I felt nauseous off and on every day with this baby.  It started at week 5 or 6  and went through until around week 12.  With Cooper, reading back my nausea lasted just a couple of weeks and it didn't seem as severe.  This makes Justin think it's a girl, but I'm not so sure.  Everything in my pregnancy seems very similar so far which makes me think the baby might be a boy.

Thankfully I am feeling GREAT now!  I feel like a whole new person.  I don't have to take a nap at all and still feel good throughout the day.  My nausea is completely gone and I don't have any aches and pains yet like I get in the 3rd trimester.  I do worry that something is wrong, even though I just heard the heartbeat 2 weeks ago, but I'm trying to just relax and enjoy this 2nd trimester as it is the BEST!  I looked back on my blog about Cooper during this time and I was also feeling great and was worried that something was wrong because of it.  It definitely helps to have already gone through this once before.

I will also say that this baby's heartbeat has been a lot higher than Cooper's.  At 9 weeks, the heart rate was 178 which is very high and then it was in the 160's at 13 weeks.  Justin even asked the Doctor if there was any truth at all that the high heart rate is more likely mean a girl and she said not at all!  LOL of course these wives tales aren't true, but it's fun to guess right?

People ask me a lot of what I want to have.  I know this is the PC answer, but I truthfully don't have a preference!  At the beginning I was leaning more towards girl because I have always wanted to have a girl…but Lord willing this is not our last child so I also think it would be SO fun to have another boy.  I would love for Cooper to have a brother close to his age.  I really do love being a boy mom too and so I think it would be fun.  Either way, this baby is a blessing from the Lord and we will both be thrilled to have a boy or girl.

At the beginning of the pregnancy, I was guessing girl because I seemed to be more nauseous…but now I think I have changed to guessing boy.  The pregnancy seems so similar to me in every other way.  Justin has guessed girl pretty much the whole time.  I will say this….Justin was right about Cooper and I was wrong…so if that is the case again, maybe we will have a girl?!?!  We will find out tomorrow! What's your guess??

Monday, June 16, 2014

Cooper's BIG News!

Cooper has some exciting news to share…

That's right…he is going to be a BIG BROTHER!!  Baby #2 is due December 22, 2014.  Merry Christmas to us!

I am 13 weeks along and absolutely thrilled to be starting my 2nd trimester.  I will probably do another post on my 1st trimester but I am definitely feeling like myself again!  I feel like I have been pregnant forever but it was so fun finding out I was pregnant again 2.5 months ago.  It's funny because when I first had Cooper, I didn't know how I could love another child as much as him, but right when I saw "pregnant" on the test, I was already so in love!

Though we were really wanting to get pregnant, I was still shocked that I was!  I am not the most patient person, so I went ahead and took a pregnancy test super early just to get a negative so I could go about my day and not think about it. I took the test, honestly thinking it would be negative, and to my great delight and surprise it said "pregnant"!  I was thrilled!  Unfortunately, Justin was working that day and he had no idea I was going to take a test (I hadn't planned it at all), so I had to wait until he got home that evening around 9pm to tell him.  If you know me, that was so hard to not tell anyone that day!  Of course, I did tell Cooper and kept telling him all day "you're going to be a big brother!"  I'm sure he was thrilled inside :)

I was so excited for Justin to get home, I could hardly stand it.  He finally got home and I made him dinner and had it ready at the table for him.  I also put the pregnancy test on the table hoping he would notice it on his own (don't worry, I did wash it off for your germaphobes). Of course he was so hungry he didn't notice it at all!  Finally, I said "what is that thing by your water?" And he picked it up and had the most delayed reaction ever…he really was in shock!  I can't remember exactly what he said, but his reaction was priceless and we were both so excited to be expecting again!  It was a memorable evening.

Cooper and Baby #2 will be a little over 2 years apart (26 months to be exact) and we are so excited for Cooper to have a life long best friend close to his age.  We thank the Lord for this blessing and can't wait to meet our bundle of joy in 6 months!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cooper is 20 Months Old!

Today Cooper is 20 months old!  It's hard to believe that he is getting so close to being a 2 year old.  He  is so much fun and is learning new things everyday.  (I didn't take any pictures so I'm just putting up random iPhone pictures over the past month)

Playing in the mud

Cooper "talks" and babbles non stop at home.  I love when he comes up to me and is speaking in his own language and is genuinely trying to tell me something but I have no idea what he is saying.  He is more shy around other people so he won't "talk" as much unless he is more comfortable.  He seems to learn new words everyday.  His main words that he says all the time are:  mama, dada, dog, bella (belba), all done, amen, elmo, baby, bye bye, night night, and thank you.  He says a lot of other words too, but these are his main ones.  He just started saying thank you a few weeks ago and it is the cutest sound in the world.  He says it when we give him something and he will also say it when he gives us something.  When he plays outside with Bella, he will give her tennis balls (when he is feeling generous) and then he will say "thank you" to her over and over.  I think he doesn't understand why she doesn't tell him thank you for giving her the balls.  He will look at me and say "thank you, thank you" like I should do something about her not telling him thank you.  So cute.

Cooper and "belba"

Granna with her grandsons

The biggest issue we are having right now is he is an incredibly picky eater.  I really don't know how he is in the 65%ile in weight, because the kid doesn't eat.  I remember before I had kids I thought "my kid will not be a picky eater, I will make them eat everything."  hahaha never say what your kid will or will not do before having children.  It always comes back to bite you.  After he turned one and could eat regular food, he ate everything!  I was pretty proud (like I had something to do with it…) that he would pretty much eat anything we gave him.  I even said how glad I was he wasn't picky.  Then a few months later he decided he didn't like food in general.  Okay not really, but it can be frustrating when he won't even try something that I cooked.  His favorite foods right now are grapes (though he has been refusing them lately), yogurt, applesauce, smoothies, cheerios, pancakes, peanut butter, chicken, guacamole and tuna.  He also likes cheese,bananas and zucchini, but it depends on his mood because other times he will refuse to eat it.   He loves tuna and eats it everyday for lunch which is odd since I don't like it.  

Summertime by the pool

Cooper's sleeping schedule hasn't changed much.  He goes to bed around 8pm now and usually sleeps until 7:30 or 8.  He takes an afternoon nap after lunch around 12:30 or 1 and will sleep for 2-3 hours which is awesome.  Sometimes he will only sleep 1 hour but will usually make up for it the next day by napping 3 hours.  It's hard when I have plans in the afternoon and am not sure when he will wake up.  It is a nice break for me in the afternoon though.  I am thankful that Cooper has always been a great sleeper!

picking blackberries with friends!

He loved eating them more than picking them

Look at that face!

Cooper is still a very shy little guy.  I can't tell you how many times he has glared at a stranger who is trying to talk to him or make him smile and I have to tell them "He is shy and is like that to everyone" so not to offend them!  But once he gets warmed up to you, he will love you and give you the sweetest hugs ever.  At least I won't have to worry too much about stranger danger with him :-)  He also gets nervous around new environments but then can get warmed up pretty quick once he feels comfortable.

Cousin Fun

One of the sweetest things about Cooper is that he is extremely lovable and affectionate and melts my heart everyday.  He gives the best hugs and kisses and will give them to Justin and I freely without us even asking.  He also blows kisses to me before he goes to bed or if I leave for whatever reason.  And when I pick him up from the church or gym nursery, he can act like I've been gone all day as he is so happy to see us.  He of course gives daddy the best greeting ever when he comes home from work.  He is just the sweetest little boy and I am so thankful to the Lord for choosing me to be his Mommy!

Cooper "praying" for his rice crispy treat on his own

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Austin Trip

Justin had a few days off in a row so we took a quick trip to Austin to visit his family.  Cooper did great in the car and slept most of the time and was content looking out the window the rest of the time.  On Saturday we got together with more of Justin's extended family and Cooper enjoyed playing with his 2nd cousin Abigail, who Cooper called Aba.  They were both a little shy at first but before we knew it Cooper wouldn't stop hugging and kissing her.  I really don't know where Cooper gets his affection from because he LOVES to hug kids his size.  Nonstop. He does it all the time.  It's super cute until the other kid has had enough hugging.  I think it's time to start teaching him hugging once is enough :)  They also had fun playing on the piano together.

They would play and then laugh and then play and then clap….too much cuteness for one day.  Thankfully Cooper slept well while we were there, though he didn't nap too long.  The next day we went to Zilker park and got snow cones and rode a train around the park.

Cooper has his serious face on as he enjoyed looking and observing everything around him.  The park is huge and there is also a natural spring pool where everyone was swimming.

Cooper enjoyed watching everyone swimming with their dogs.  He kept saying "dog" over and over.  It was definitely summer weather that day as it was HOT.

That evening Justin and I had a very nice date night out.  We had an amazing dinner at Steiner Ranch Steakhouse with the most beautiful view.  Since my birthday is Saturday and Justin is working, this was my early birthday dinner, so we splurged a little and enjoyed our evening out!

We sat outside and had a beautiful view of the sunset while listening to live music.  It was a great evening!  Cooper also had fun with Mimi while we were out.

One of Cooper's favorite things to do was riding his little motorcycle down Mimi's driveway.  He would clap and giggle after he went and kept wanting to do it again.


We had a great time relaxing and visiting family.  On our way out we got to see my childhood best friend Gloria and her 2 daughters.  It was so fun to see them!

Could Cooper be any whiter?  How my quarter hispanic child became this white is beyond me!  Bring on the sunscreen.  

Monday, April 21, 2014


We had such a fun day yesterday celebrating Christ's resurrection and having some fun family time.  Justin had to work on Good Friday and Saturday but we are so thankful he had Easter off which made it more fun!  We went to our church in the morning which was so great and then went over to my parents house for the day.

This was the only good picture I got the whole day.  Oh well, you do what you gotta do when you have an 18th month old.  My mom made a delicious brunch which was so yummy!  My brother, nephew, Aunt, Uncle and cousin were all there too.

Cooper got 2 Easter baskets, one from us and one from my parents.

I think it's safe to say that he loved his first chocolate bunny!

But don't worry, he just ate the ear and I'm sure the bunny will last a long time.  We also got Cooper a little Tball set for the backyard.  He practiced a little inside first.

It was such a beautiful day so we played outside for awhile too.  Cooper played outside for a little while but his main obsession is going into the garage to explore and then watching and waving to all the cars that go by.  We tried to have an Easter egg hunt in the backyard which my nephew loved, but Cooper was not really having it.  Oh well, maybe next year. 

He did enjoy his Tball set though!

It was a great day all around even though Cooper was a little tired and cranky at times.  He did love playing with his cousin as they chased each other all around the house.  Granna also gave the boys rice crispy treats which Cooper loved.  He sat on the floor in the middle of the kitchen to enjoy the goodness.

Thank you Jesus for the real reason we celebrate Easter…He is Risen!!  

Monday, April 14, 2014

Cooper is 18 Months old!

Cooper is 18 months old!  A year and a half.  He is now getting closer to 2 than he is to 1.  It's hard to believe I'll have a 2 year old soon!  He really is getting cuter everyday.  Of course I'm his Mommy so all I see is total cuteness :)

We went to the doctor on Friday for his 18 month check up and Cooper was not having it.  He didn't even get shots but he was acting like he was being tortured.  He didn't like being forced to lay down to be measured or weighed or get his ears, mouth and everything else checked out.  The doctor said everything looked great and he was on track.  He weighs about 25 pounds, though it's hard to get an exact weight since he wouldn't sit still.  He is in about the 60%ile in weight and 15%ile in height.  Poor little guy is short now, but there is still hope that he will have a growth spurt later in life like his Daddy.  

Eating/Drinking: The good news is that Cooper is finally drinking from a straw and kind of a sippy cup.  I say kind of because he can do it and does it sometimes, but prefers drinking from a regular straw.  Ya'll, this boy is very stubborn and knows what he wants.   I have to be more strict with him since he is a set in his ways type child.  I'm so glad he is drinking from a straw, but it is still frustrating that he doesn't care for the typical sippy cup or straw cup.  He loves smoothies, yogurt, chicken, and bananas.  He also has a newfound love for guacamole.   

Sleeping:  Not much has changed with sleeping.  He still goes to bed around 7:30 or 8 and sleeps until 8am everyday which is awesome.  I put him down for his nap between 12-1pm and he usually sleeps 2 hours..sometimes less and sometimes more.  Every now and then he will take a 3 hour nap but it's hard to know when that day will be.  He has been a great sleeper!

Likes:  He LOVES to go outside and play. He goes from the front door to the back door throughout the day to ask to go out.  He loves to climb and go down the slide.  He also loves his little car that we take him on often.  He runs everywhere now which is the cutest thing ever.  He has a pretty good arm on him and loves throwing balls.  He also loves taking baths.  When we tell him it's bath time he runs and squeals to the bathroom.

Though he can be very stubborn sometimes, he is such a sweet boy.  He LOVES hugs and kisses and pretty much hugs any kid that he is comfortable with.  He will just go up and hug them with no prompting.  His huge smile and laugh brightens up my day.  He is a joy!