Monday, April 14, 2014

Cooper is 18 Months old!

Cooper is 18 months old!  A year and a half.  He is now getting closer to 2 than he is to 1.  It's hard to believe I'll have a 2 year old soon!  He really is getting cuter everyday.  Of course I'm his Mommy so all I see is total cuteness :)

We went to the doctor on Friday for his 18 month check up and Cooper was not having it.  He didn't even get shots but he was acting like he was being tortured.  He didn't like being forced to lay down to be measured or weighed or get his ears, mouth and everything else checked out.  The doctor said everything looked great and he was on track.  He weighs about 25 pounds, though it's hard to get an exact weight since he wouldn't sit still.  He is in about the 60%ile in weight and 15%ile in height.  Poor little guy is short now, but there is still hope that he will have a growth spurt later in life like his Daddy.  

Eating/Drinking: The good news is that Cooper is finally drinking from a straw and kind of a sippy cup.  I say kind of because he can do it and does it sometimes, but prefers drinking from a regular straw.  Ya'll, this boy is very stubborn and knows what he wants.   I have to be more strict with him since he is a set in his ways type child.  I'm so glad he is drinking from a straw, but it is still frustrating that he doesn't care for the typical sippy cup or straw cup.  He loves smoothies, yogurt, chicken, and bananas.  He also has a newfound love for guacamole.   

Sleeping:  Not much has changed with sleeping.  He still goes to bed around 7:30 or 8 and sleeps until 8am everyday which is awesome.  I put him down for his nap between 12-1pm and he usually sleeps 2 hours..sometimes less and sometimes more.  Every now and then he will take a 3 hour nap but it's hard to know when that day will be.  He has been a great sleeper!

Likes:  He LOVES to go outside and play. He goes from the front door to the back door throughout the day to ask to go out.  He loves to climb and go down the slide.  He also loves his little car that we take him on often.  He runs everywhere now which is the cutest thing ever.  He has a pretty good arm on him and loves throwing balls.  He also loves taking baths.  When we tell him it's bath time he runs and squeals to the bathroom.

Though he can be very stubborn sometimes, he is such a sweet boy.  He LOVES hugs and kisses and pretty much hugs any kid that he is comfortable with.  He will just go up and hug them with no prompting.  His huge smile and laugh brightens up my day.  He is a joy!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekend Fun

Cooper had a busy and fun weekend!  It started with our college friends coming into Houston for a visit.  I can't believe it's been 10 years since we've graduated from college.  I'm so thankful for their friendship over the years!  All 4 families were able to get together Friday for dinner and the kids were able to play together.  The Dubecks added another baby to the mix so that totals 8 kiddos!

Kids taking turns pushing and pulling each other in the wagon

Big kids getting a cool thumbs up

They were all very cute playing together.  Too bad I didn't get any pictures of the other kiddos…or the adults!  Cooper had fun even if he was a bit cranky and tired that evening.

Then Saturday Justin had the day off and we had a fun family day.  We first went to brunch at our favorite play close to our house.

We then went to the park to play.  Cooper is getting so much more independent and can go down all the slides by himself.  We are still working on him going up and down stairs by himself.  He seems to have no fear so I have to watch him.  He also just loves walking around everywhere and exploring.

Playing with a new toy

Justin had to work on Sunday so after church and Cooper's nap we went to my parents house to hang out.  He knows exactly where he is when he goes to my parents and goes to his usual "spots" to play and explore.  My dad plays with him a lot and they have become best buds.  My dad had to leave to go to a meeting and when he left Cooper followed him to the door and cried.  It was so sweet.  I'm thankful for my parents who are such good grandparents!  It's also nice to have a break at times when you're a SAHM :)

Then Sunday evening something crazy happen.  I'm talking epic.  For those who read my blog or know me, you know how big this actually is.  Here is a picture

That's right folks, Cooper finally drank out of a sippy cup.  I'm talking really drank out of it, not just a sip here and there.  And wouldn't you know, it's the cheapest cup out there!  I've tried at least 12 different types of cups and he wouldn't take any of them.  He's been off bottles for a month now and still wouldn't drink from a sippy cup or straw cup until now.  Then it happened again the next morning…

Hallelujah!  He still doesn't take it ALL the time, but this is progress for sure. For example, this morning when I put it on his tray, he got very upset and didn't even want it on his tray.  Then after he finished eating I offered it to him again and he took it.  He is an interesting boy, I tell ya.  He also drank out of a straw today for the first time!  What is going on here?!?!  You know,  some people told me that their child didn't drink from a sippy cup until they were 18 months old and not to worry about it and I wish I would have listened.  I really did stress over this a lot and I should have just chilled out a little.  I'm glad I did get him off bottles though.  So here's to hoping he will keep this up and not refuse to drink out of it again, but we are on day 3 now and things are still looking good.

Overall, I would say this was a pretty good weekend!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Coop is 17 Months Old!

I have been a very bad blogger so far in 2014.  I need to get back to blogging again especially about Cooper since this is my main journal to remember everything Cooper was doing.  But alas, life gets in the way and during nap time I'm trying to get a 100 things I can't do when Cooper is awake and in the evening I just want to relax and hang out with the hubby.  I feel like Cooper has changed so much in 2 months!  So here is what is going on with my 17 month old…

Eating:  Cooper is eating much better than before.  He is still the typical toddler who one day will love a certain food and the next day refuses it, but for the most part, he is a good eater.  I'm having to be pretty creative with cooking dinner and figuring out healthy things to cook that I know he would like.  Some things are home runs and some he won't even try.  It can be frustrating but I know it will get better especially when we can communicate more.  He loves every type of fish right now and eats tuna for lunch on most days.  He also loves bananas, grapes (though he is getting tired of them now), cheese, chicken, zucchini, applesauce, yogurt, oatmeal, pancakes, and he LOVES smoothies.

Drinking:  Okay y'all, this is getting crazy…I have mentioned before that Cooper refuses to drink out out of a sippy cup or straw cup and it's not getting any better.  The doctor told me at 15 months to stop giving him bottles.  I tried it off and on but never stuck to it because I was worried he wasn't getting enough liquids.  After speaking to the doctor again I got reassurance that he will not get dehydrated and that he will get thirsty enough that he will drink out of it.  Well, we have been almost 2 weeks now of no bottles.  The good news is, we did it and he is off of bottles!  Yay!  The bad news is he still refuses to drink out of a sippy cup.  As in, he gets very upset if I even get it close to him.  I will even just leave it on the floor where he is playing and he won't touch it.  He will drink out of a cup when we hold it for him but it is a huge mess and takes a lot of time. If I put a straw in the cup he was just drinking out of, he gets upset and won't drink it anymore.   He will drink milk, smoothies, and sometimes water out of the cup but won't touch them in the sippy cup.   I have tried every piece of advice given to me for him to try and every type of cup possible.  We asked the doctor if he has seen this before and he said "all the time." I'm glad to know that, because I have never heard of any kid doing this before.   He also said "with my more stubborn kids…"  Lol I guess you can say the little boy is surely stubborn.  Anyway, my normal saying to help me get through difficult phases is, "it's just phase, this will pass".  But for this one, I'm not so sure this will pass.  I really don't think he will ever drink from a straw cup.  I'm sure I'm wrong and I will look back at this post and laugh by how stressed I was about a darn straw cup!

Sleeping:  Cooper officially dropped his morning nap around 15 or 16 months and it has been going well.  I thought I would miss the extra time I had in the morning but it's actually been really nice to be able to do more things in the morning and not worry about him needing to nap.  He still goes to bed around 7:30am and he wakes up around 8-8:30am.  It's so great that he sleep about 13 hours at night!  He take his afternoon nap after lunch anywhere between 12-1pm.   I thought when he dropped the morning nap, he would take a long afternoon nap, but over the past month his afternoon nap has only been about 1-2 hours.  But I can't complain since he sleeps so well at night and I can either sleep in, or get up and get stuff done in the morning without being exhausted.

Likes:  Cooper loves to be outside.  We go to the park often, go on walks, play in the backyard and I just let him walk around the cul-de-sac with all the other neighborhood kids.  There are a ton of kids playing in our cul-de-sac daily and they all love Cooper (since he is "the baby") and they follow him around and play with him.  It's so fun to live in a cul-de-sac, I must say!  He has a mind of his own and just wants to walk around and explore everything.  He also loves his dog (of course) and says dog all the time.  He loves to give hugs, especially to Mommy, Daddy and the dog.  He also loves balls and to play catch, and he can shoot the basketball  in his little basketball goal.  He also loves bath time and playing with all his bath toys.

Temperament:  Cooper has a shy temperament and takes awhile to get warmed up to new people and places.  He still has some separation anxiety. He is getting better about not crying as much when we drop him off places, but he is still not completely comfortable and himself.  He is very comfortable with my parents and doesn't even notice that we are gone when they babysit for us.  I am planning to put him in a Mother's Day Out program in the Fall to help him get used to being around other kids and being in a different environment since he can be shy.  He can also be very stubborn but he is also incredibly sweet.  He comes up to me throughout to day just to give me hugs.  He likes to cuddle and gives me big hugs before he goes to bed every night.  It's the sweetest thing.  It's amazing how God has created every person so unique and different and I love his sweet, shy personality (even though it can be hard at times).

Next month he will already be a year and a half!  Where has the time gone?!?!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

15 Months Old!

My sweet boy is now 15 months old!  I didn't get a chance to update 14 months partly because I just didn't have time and partly because it's a month that I would rather forget...just kidding...kinda...but not really.  Anyway, 14 months was a little rough for us.  After Cooper not getting a fever or really sick the 1st year of his life, he came down with 2 very high fevers, one being an ear infection and the other being a virus.  He also had some type of stomach virus and threw up a ton for the first time, and then he started choking and throwing up everything he ate, which led to him not wanting to eat anything.  It was rough, but he seems to be eating better, even though he is now extremely picky.

We went to the Doctor yesterday for his 15 month check up.  His weighs 23.6 pounds (58%ile), Height 30" (13%ile) and his head is 19.25" (93%ile).  That's right folks, we may have a little shorty on our hands.  It surprises me since neither Justin nor I are short, but hey, he is the cutest little shorty you have ever seen....and of course there is plenty of time for a big growth spurt!

Drinking: Cooper absolutely LOVES his milk.  Almost too much actually, hence his cute belly.  I'm so glad the transition to whole has been easy, but the transition to drinking from a sippy cup has still been a nightmare.  The doctor told me that he needs to be on the sippy cup now and no more bottles!  I'm dreading this since he pretty much throws a fit when he even sees the sippy cup because he gets so frustrated.  All he wants is his bottle and he can be very stubborn sometimes.  I'm pretty sure he knows how to drink from the sippy cup, but he just doesn't want to.  I think I may go straight to the straw cup since that doesn't make him as mad, but he just needs to learn how to drink from the straw.  I know he will get it eventually but I am dreading not giving him his beloved bottle.

Napping on Granna on Christmas Day

Eating:  As I said before, this has been a very rough month with Cooper eating.  I think he went through a phase where he wasn't chewing well and he would cough and gag and then throw up his food.  It happened quite frequently to the point where he didn't want to eat anything but baby food or yogurt.  He is thankfully past that and is now eating better but he is definitely more picky than he was before all that.   Sometimes meal time can be the most difficult part of our day, when before it was so easy.  Just like everything else, I know it's just a rough phase and will pass in time.

Sleeping:  Along with the 14 month curse came my perfect sleeper not wanting to sleep anymore.  I think him getting sick and traveling so much changed his sleeping habits and it has been a rough transition.  I would normally put him down to bed at 7:30 and he would sleep until 8am (I know, it's amazing) and he would take 2 pretty good naps a day.  Then after the craziness of the past month, he started waking up at 6-6:30.  This was rough on us since we are night owls.  He also wouldn't nap longer than 45 minutes!  I didn't know what was going on, but I really couldn't get anything done while losing sleep in the process.  I am happy to say that this week he is finally doing much better with sleeping.  Today he slept until almost 8 again and he took a 3 hour nap yesterday!  I'm so hoping this is here to stay...which again was just a rough phase he went through.

Milestones:  Well folks, we finally have a walker!!!  Yippee!  He has been pulling up and standing on his own for awhile and then he finally took his first steps right when he turned 14 months.  The first few weeks after he took steps, he would only take about 6 steps at a time before he fell down and would crawl.  Now he is walking everywhere and barely crawls anymore.  I'm finally able to take him outside and to the park which is so much fun!  Everyone told me that once they start walking, it gets so much harder...but I'm LOVING it.  I think it is the cutest phase in the world when they first start walking.  Since he has been crawling for so long, I barely recognize him when he comes walking in the room.  It's just adorable!  It also is so fun to see how everyday he gets better and better at walking.  The doctor also told me he has 6 teeth coming in.  They always come in at once!  It's crazy how many teeth he has.

Likes:  The Dog!  He loves the dog so much, a little too much at times.  He follows her around everywhere, sits on her, crawls over her and pets her and laughs non stop when she is around.  He is a little obsessed.  He also loves:  books, his daddy, yogurt, cheese, his bottle, car rides, walks, bath time and swinging at the park.

Dislikes:  Being dropped off somewhere (gym or church nursery), walking with shoes on (working on that one), trying new foods, sippy cup

Though the past month was rough, I sure do love being his Mommy.  He is such a blessing and is getting more and more fun!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hello 2014

Yes, I do realize that we are well into 2014 and I actually started this blog post a few weeks ago....but December was so crazy for us that my 14 month old decided he doesn't like naps anymore and he loves waking up bright and early.  Therefore, the only real free time I have these days is in the evening which  other things come way before blogging.  So here is my attempt to catch up!

I'm not sure how this happened, but somehow it's 2014.  December was so busy that I blinked and it's now January!  How did this happen?  We went to Austin for Thanksgiving and after getting back, it has been pretty crazy.  It started with Cooper getting another very high (103) fever, his second fever in just the past 2 months!  He was miserable for a few days and so was I (it's so hard seeing your babies sick).  We were also trying to get everything packed and ready for our Colorado trip, decorating the house for Christmas and buying Christmas gifts.   Shortly after he got better, we went to Colorado for our big family ski vacation which was wonderful.  Cooper got a little sick there, and his entire eating habits changed and has yet to come back.  Then I got a horrible 24 hr stomach virus the day after we got back from Colorado.  Thankfully Justin was able to stay home from work because there was no way I could have taken care of Cooper as I was in agony and could barely get out of bed.  Then it's Christmas!!  Thankfully we were all better by Christmas and had a great time spending it with my family.

We went to the Christmas Eve service and then came back to the house to open some gifts, eat dinner and lots of yummy dessert.  My mom is the best of making the most delicious Christmas treats and desserts.  Cooper was just adorable!

His 2 big gifts were the Pottery Barn chair we got him and the fun car my parents got him.  He loves it!

It was definitely a fun and relaxing Christmas Eve and Christmas Day to spend with family.

Then the weekend after Christmas, Justin's family had a mini family reunion.  It was really fun to see all of Justin's family and spend time with everyone.  

Cooper also had fun with his little cousins..they are just too cute for words

Then Justin's mom stayed with us for the weekend and we enjoyed going to church, walking around Old Town Spring, relaxing and had a nice dinner.  The day after Justin's mom left was New Year's Eve.  Unfortunately Justin had to work New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, but it's a trade off since he was off for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I went to my parents house and we went out to dinner and then came home to watch the Aggies play in the chicfila bowl!  WHOOP!  Justin got home at a pretty reasonable time and we waiting to watch it with him.  It was a GREAT game and we had a lot of fun watching it.  Cooper slept horrible that night so I was pretty exhausted on New Year's Day.  Thankfully my parents helped out by watching Cooper so I could sleep some more.  And then before we knew it, December was over, and it's 2014.  Phew!

2014 has started out a little rough with Cooper not sleeping well or eating well anymore, but more on that later (he is 15 months old today! EEK).  I'm thinking it's just a phase and hopefully he will go back to his happy self sleeping until 8am, napping great, and waking up happy :)  I sure miss it and didn't realize how good I had it!

I'm looking forward to what 2014 has for our family (oh, besides the fact that Justin has to go part time in May to finish up grad school, but don't want to be a Debbie Downer...womp, womp)  Happy Belated New Year to all!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Colorado Family Vacation

We just got back from a wonderful family vacation to Beaver Creek Colorado.  My brother won the trip through his work and he graciously chose to take our whole family along.  It really was a dream vacation, staying at a ski in/ski out resort where everyone treats your like royalty.  The weather was absolutely perfect...sunny days, not too cold and beautiful!  It was also Cooper's very first time on a plane.  I was a little nervous going into it because I didn't think Cooper could sit still in our laps for that long, but he did so well!  Our first flight was to Dallas and he slept the whole time.

Our 2nd flight was the longer flight and he was super fussy until we finally took off and then he fell asleep again.  Phew!  We finally made it to our resort and were able to take in the beautiful view of the mountains from our room.

That evening we went to dinner in the hotel and tried to get to bed early since we were getting up early the next morning for skiing!  My parents were so nice to watch Cooper so Justin and I could go skiing together.  We started out the first morning taking a private lesson together since it had been awhile since I've skied.  Justin definitely did not need a lesson but he was sweet to take it with me.  

The greens were a lot harder greens than what I was used to, so it took me awhile to get back into it again but it was still a lot of fun being out in the snow!

We met my brother and nephew up for lunch as they also took a lesson.  They had lots of little restaurants and shops and an ice skating rink at the bottom of the slopes where you can walk around for a break.  

Justin skiied the rest of the afternoon while the rest of us went back to the hotel.  Cooper did not sleep well the night before so he was pretty fussy and tired off and on that day.  Though he was tired that day, he sure LOVED playing with his cousin!  Cooper loves playing with other kids and he is constantly hugging Peyton.  It's so cute to see them playing together and Peyton was such a good big cousin to Cooper.

That evening we had reservations to go on a sleigh ride to the top of a mountain to eat at a nice restaurant.  It was so fun...and cold!  The ride up the mountain was beautiful looking at our resort and the city at night.

The restaurant was beautiful and the food was A-mazing!  It was a very fun experience.  After dinner we rode the sleigh back down the mountain and then sat outside by the fire roasting marshmallows.

The next day Justin and I went for day 2 of skiing by ourselves.  I knew this would by my last day skiing as I wanted to spend time with Cooper the next day and give my parents a break.  We skiied out of our hotel and skiied across to the main Beaver Creek area.  It was fun skiing together (even though I may or may not have had a small panic attack at the very end of the run where there was an extremely steep drop off..ugh, this was not a GREEN folks) (I did survive and made it down thanks to my patient hubby).  All in all, it was a fun and beautiful day of skiing!

After skiing we met the rest of my family for lunch.  These Texans may have gone a little crazy bundling up the 14 month old....this was his position in the stroller, poor baby couldn't move his arms!

 It reminded me of The Christmas Story when the mom was getting her son ready to walk to school and he couldn't move his arms.  I think it was clear to everyone around us that we are the Texans...people were even pointing and laughing at sweet Cooper all bundled up.  I'm not sure if the laughing was due to his absolute cuteness or to our absolute craziness.

The next day Justin decided to take advantage of skiing one last day and I stayed with Cooper to take him to play in the snow.  It wasn't quite what I imagined it being in my head of Cooper playing in his first snow as he really didn't want me to put him down, but hey we still got some cute pictures of him in the snow!

The weather was so great that we even got hot in all our layers.  We really didn't even need a jacket with the sun out.  On the last night, we had reservations to go to a nice dinner at the resort.  We wanted to get some good family pictures in too since the hotel was decorated so beautifully for Christmas.

We decided it would be more relaxing for everyone for my family to eat first at 6 and then Justin and I would put Cooper to bed and then we ate just the 2 of use after my family came back.  It was perfect since Cooper is pretty unpredictable at meal time and we were able to have a nice date night.  After having a nice dinner, we went outside to sit by the fire for awhile and then came in and sat in the hotel lobby.  I enjoyed a chocolate martini, which reminded me of our honeymoon when I had one almost every evening.  It was a very nice evening!

And then before we knew it, after 5 days and 4 wonderful nights, our vacation was over and we were on our way back to Houston.  It was such a fun family vacation and I am thankful for my brother who worked hard to win this trip and to take us with him!  We were very blessed :)